Dark-Weird Fantasy Author

“Welcome to my dark worlds.

There are monsters and hidden things within, so tread carefully and pack a full lunch.”



First Person Dark

Flash Fiction

First Person Dark is a series of flash fiction pieces produced for Penleak.com. Each one is told from the first person perspective. Each one is dark in setting, character, themes, or feeling. And each one is a collaboration with a talented artist to produce a single unified piece of literary art.


Excerpts from my work

Sample some of my dark fantasy fiction with these excerpts from upcoming books and short stories. Many are accompanied by artwork from top artists in Toronto, Canada. All excerpts will be published as whole pieces within a year of appearing on the website.

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Books for sale

My first novel Who Is The Bringer? is due out in early 2015. My second book, a collection of short stories called All Have Monsters, is due for release late 2015. Keep an eye out, join my newsletter, or follow me on Facebook and Twitter if you want updates to their release dates.

Ridiculous Rankings

A comedy series of top 5 rankings lists, designed to be as darkly humorous and absurd as possible. The topics covered range from 5 Bold Predictions for the Year 2030 to 5 Questions you Should not Ask Tall People. Keep in mind these lists are far too inappropriate for children and far too ludicrous for adults!




My work with Zonto, a hip hop act out of Toronto

Don’t Worry! There are more tracks on their way. And I’m the Australian guy, in case you were wondering.

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